Saturday, 30 October 2010

StandFirm's Little Pejoratives

Dear StandFirm,

You need to be careful with the stones you're throwing at specific individuals.

First of all you've called Bill Bowen a liar.

Now you've called me a slanderer.

You see, Bill Bowen and I go by our own names online, we don't need to hide behind screennames for fear of the elders punishing us.

On the title of this post you've used my name along with the term child abuse.

If those are the tactics you need to stoop to in order to defend the organisation you worship, along with the men who run it, then I have to rethink my previously held respect for you.

If I target the Governing Body in my blog, it's because they claim to speak for God and demand obedience. To make such claims of themselves, and hold such expectations of Jehovah's Witnesses, puts the Governing Body in a position of extreme scrutiny. I do not single any man on the Governing Body out.

Also, you wilfully miss the point again and again and again. You cannot compare what the Witnesses are instructed to do on any topic with what other churches do. The other churches do not claim to be exclusively chosen by Jesus in 1919.

Because your religion does make such a claim, every single piece of information, doctrine, policy etc etc published by the Watch Tower Society comes from God himself, according to your faith's beliefs. Therefore, your religion carries an enormous burden of responsibility, including the policies in place for defending children.

When it is obvious that those policies are flawed and place an incredible weight on the integrity of the men who serve in Branch offices (are there locks on the apartment doors in Bethel: yes or no), this should be exposed and examined.

It bears no relation to whether Jehovah's Witnesses are in/have "the truth".

I would encourage, you therefore, to be careful when throwing the pejoratives about.

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