Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Shepherding the Flock; Can You Say "High Control"?

I'll just let this letter from the Watch Tower Society to all elders in the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses around the world speak for itself. I've highlighted in bold what I feel are the pertinent parts.

Dear Brothers:

Since the release of the new Shepherding textbook, several elders have asked about the possibility of having their textbook spiral bound. There is no objection if an elder personally spiral binds or laminates his own textbook or does so for other elders. If he has another baptized brother who is not an elder do the work for him, the elder must watch while the work is being done.

Outside companies. unbelievers, or sisters are not permitted to do this work. The material in the book is confidential, and confidentiality must be preserved. Each elder should make the following notation next to the box on the title page of the Shepherding textbook: "See letter dated October 7. 2010, to all bodies of elders regarding spiral binding of this textbook."

Please be assured of our warm Christian love and best wishes.

Your brothers, cc: Traveling overseers

PS to secretary: This letter should be retained in the congregation permanent file of policy letters.

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