Monday, 6 December 2010

The Ever Changing World of Jehovah's Witness Beliefs

This is interesting.

In the first column we have some doctrines as believed by Jehovah's Witnesses. In the second column we have the unique beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses regarding these doctrines during the 1914-1918 time period when, according to the unique beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses (as published by the Governing Body in the publications produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society) Jesus was inspecting "Christendom" preceding his selection of the Bible Students/Jehovah's Witnesses in 1919.

Will Sodom be resurrected?
Yes: 1879-1951
No: 1952-1964
Yes 1965-1988
No: 1988
Identity of the “Superior authorities” of Romans 13:1
Human Government: 1879-1929
Jehovah and JesusChrist: 1929-1962
HumanGovernment: 1963-present

Identity of the  “Faithful and Wise servant” of Matt. 24
class of people: 1879-1897
An individual: 1897-1928
class of people: 1929-present

Michael the Archangel
Not Jesus: 1879
Is the Pope: 1917
Is Jesus: 1920-Present

Should Jesus be “worshipped”?
Yes: 1879-1953
No: 1954-present

Jesus referred to what when he said “this is my body”?
The church: 1953-1955
His body of flesh: 1956-present

Date for the Beginning of Christ’s “invisible” presence
In 1874:  1879-1929
In 1914: 1929-present

Jesus died on a cross or a torturestake?
Cross: 1879-1935
Torture stake: 1936-present

Are Organ Transplants permissible for Jehovah’s Witnesses
No cannibalism 1967 – 1979
Yes:1980- present

Celebrating Christmas and birthdays
Yes: 1879-1926
No: 1927-present

Supporting War and Politics
Yes: 1879-1935
No: 1936-present

Great Pyramid in Egypt
God’s Witness: 1879 –1927
Satan’s Bible: 1928– Present
Isn't it remarkable how the beliefs that somehow inspired Jesus to chose the Bible Students/Jehovah's Witnesses in 1919 have changed, sometimes more than once.

In some areas, such as the date for the beginning of Christ's "invisible" presence, the implications of change is huge. 

For example, it lept from 1874 to 1914

This is interesting; if Jesus was looking for people who were watching for him and ready to open the door on his arrival, would he have found the Bible Students (as Jehovah's Witnesses were then known) in such a posture in 1914?

Well, the answer is clearly no. They, after all, had welcomed him 40 years earlier in 1874.

It seems Jesus was hugely indulgent, even lenient in his acceptance of the Bible Students' (as Jehovah's Witnesses were then known) false beliefs. 

After all, in 1874 and 1914 they believed and taught that he was executed on a cross.

In other areas the implication was potentially life threatening

For example, organ transplants were cannibalism from 1967 to 1979. You have to wonder on whose hands is the blood of any Jehovah's Witness who died from refusing an organ transplant during those years.

And what about the worship of Jesus

The Governing Body admits that the Bible proves that Jesus is to be worshipped. Perhaps due to this Biblical truth Jehovah's Witnesses believed and taught such from 1897 to 1953, during which time the Governing Body says they became the "faithful and discreet slave" "class", i.e. 1919.

Clearly, Jesus found it an acceptable thing for him to be worshipped by the Bible Students  (as Jehovah's Witnesses were then known).

What's puzzling is why the Governing Body has now decided that Jesus deserves no such thing. They even disfellowship Jehovah's Witnesses who privately hold such views.

On a lighter not, you have to wonder what Jesus made of the claim that Michael the archangel is the Pope, a claim once held by the Witnesses. Perhaps he just laughed it off as they only believed this for 3 short years.

All in all, this further undermines the Governing Body's claim that it speaks for God, is God's sole channel of communication on earth today and holds such a position due to selection by Jesus in 1919.

It seems Jehovah's Witnesses are just another man-made, man-sustained religion.

I welcome any Jehovah's Witness to provide evidence of the 1919 selection.


  1. I remember seeing that chart on FreeMinds or somewhere. I wish it was referenced so that it could be looked up and viewers could see the context. Maybe i'll do some googling and find the references.

  2. As a 15 year Zealous Person for Jehovah (and elder) here is my story out.

    I never knew about many of those embarrassing flip flops throughout their entire existence. They call it light getting brighter. I call it BLINKING LIGHTS.

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  5. Wow.. all these statments aren't even facts if not one jehovahs witness who is currently active can confirm this.

    its just another human being making up, made up statements like man made religion. How sad!

  6. My friend is a Jehovah Witness and he just got through ruining the X-mas season for me by calling crosses pagan as well as X-mas trees. That may be but the context has changed and a lit tree symbolizes the light of Christ coming to the world no matter the origin or season. His views seem so concrete and almost elitist, I say humbug To all this.

  7. I am a hindu who married a JW girl who was dissfellowshipped after marring me. However we divorced two years ago and her mother Saras Jaganath of Oslo Beach ,South Africa who has taken her side without properly looking deep into the matter (off which I have solid proof).Saras Jaganath is now taking my daugter away to live with her which is against my will,my daugter is not happy to be living with her. What if my child commits suicide? will Saras Jaganath be fully responsible .My child is a teen and can make her own mind and not forced by Saras Jaganath. I am now going to open case of kidnap because she has no custody of my kid. I WOULD LIKE OTHER JW TO COMMENT IF SHE IS DOING THE RIGHT THING.SHE MUST STAY OUT OF MY LIFE AND LEAVE MY KIDS OUT.I DO RESPCT THIS RELIGION BUT BY TAKING MY CHILD OVER 120 KILO METERS AWAY FROM ME IS NOT RIGHT AS YOU ARE MAKING 2 HEARTS CRY . BECAUSE I SEE MY DAUGTER ALMOST EVERYDAY.